Picasso Lane House, Potomac MD

The project was the complete renovation of an existing 2-story 1960's contemporary home. After 25 years of living there, the clients wanted to retain the original character of the house while reorganizing and modernizing the interior spaces and exterior shell. An addition was added to the length of the house and included of a large greenhouse and outdoor deck on the 2nd floor, and a carport for 2 cars below with a dumbwaiter for plant material and groceries to be lifted up into the greenhouse. The existing interior was reorganized into three spatial zones: formal, informal, and private. Each zone was housed under one of the 3 existing 24' x 32' rectangular low pyramidal roofs. The ceilings below each roof were opened up to reveal the pyramid shape and supported by heavy timber columns with diagonal struts and custom steel connectors. The interior features custom designed millwork and wall paneling, and a custom steel stair to the lower level.