Dupont Circle Conferencing Center, Washington DC

An existing street level retail shop with basement and the complete front facade of this 4-story brownstone was renovated into a small conferencing center on two floors with offices on the upper floors. The entry takes you through a small microscope and laboratory supply shop clad in stainless steel panels and illuminated fabric ceiling. A discrete door leads you to the interior beyond featuring wall panels of patina copper, burled maple, and black porcelain. The conference rooms have aluminum frame and glass interior walls with privacy shades to be drawn as necessary, acoustical architectural ceilings, and a 2-story high living green wall and skylight in the largest of the rooms. These features enliven the interior spaces in the 16' W x 85' L floor plan foot print. The lower level, completely underground houses an informal conference room in the style of a 19th C rathskeller.