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United Therapeutics Phase 2, Silver Spring MD

This is the second phase of a 250,000 SF complex of three large buildings designed for an international biotech company that focuses on developing chronic therapies for life threatening conditions.  Phase-2 is a new 7-story, 100,000 SF building, including a ground floor retail space, two floors of laboratories and interstitial mechanical spaces, 4 floors of office space, below grade parking, and public seating areas. The lobby connects this Phase-2 and the Phase-1 Laboratory building (48,000 SF) at the 1st floor. The Phase-3 Office Building (100,000 SF) is reached via a private bridge over Cameron Street at the 6th floor. Exterior materials consist of terra-cotta rain screen panels, zinc rain screen panels,

custom designed curtain-walls, and channel glass. Roof terraces on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors are filled with green gardens, wood decking, benches and a shade trellis, for the enjoyment by all company employees. The conical shaped roof is covered with a 48Kw array of photovoltaic solar panels.

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